VastuAs a property investor, your primary concern is to make money from your investment. It could either be in the form of regular cash flow or property appreciation.

In either case, you must know that Vastu is an important element to consider. Whether you subscribe to Vastu as a concept or not, most prospective buyers or renters will.

This definitely affects their decisions and will affect you in the long run.

Let’s consider two scenarios – one where you want to rent out your property and one where you want to sell it. Here’s what could happen if your property is not Vastu compliant in either scenario.

1825850Scenario 1 : Investors looking to Rent out their Property

These are investors who are looking to increase their cash flow. They want to ensure that they get their rent regularly and ideally want it to continue without interruptions. If their property is not Vastu compliant, here are the problems they could face.

Narrows the list of good tenants

Finding good tenants is a problem for most people, irrespective of Vastu issues. Nevertheless, finding good tenants who do not care about Vastu is a bigger hurdle. If your property is not Vastu compliant, you are narrowing the list of people who would be interested in renting your property.

Property could get stigma attached to it

Let’s suppose a tenant who does not care about Vastu moves in. If something unfortunate or bad happens, even such skeptics can easily be converted to believers by ‘well-meaning’ friends and acquaintances. They will convince them that it is the fault of the home they have recently moved into and your tenant might decide to leave.

Becomes increasingly difficult to rent out property

It’s easy to destroy the reputation of a home with just a few well chosen words. If previous renters advertise to others about problems they may have supposedly faced in your property, it will become increasingly difficult to rent it out.

If you’re unable to rent out your property, you’re sitting with a dead investment, something that is not yielding any cash flow to you. No investor wants this to happen. Meanwhile, let’s look at the other scenario.


1824976Scenario 2 : Investors Looking to Sell their Property

Many investors today buy property with the hope that it will appreciate favorably. They want to ensure that they get good profits. However, if their property is not Vastu compliant here’s what they could undergo.


Buyers become astute negotiators

Once a prospective buyer finds out that the property is not Vastu compliant, they could use it as leverage to negotiate a better price for themselves. This could significantly lower the value of your property and you could stand to suffer a loss.

Reluctant buyers find fault easily

Once a buyer learns the Vastu issues with your property, they’re going to become reluctant to buy. Either they may completely reject the property or find other things to fault in it. Word of mouth by such buyers could portray your property in a negative light. Eventually, you will be left with property that does not get sold.

You don’t have to believe in Vastu yourself but seeing as others might, you might have to make your property Vastu ready before you start looking for buyers or renters.

There are a few elements that you would need to take care of, particularly the house entrance along with location of kitchen, master bedroom and the toilets.

In our earlier blog posts there are many tips through which you can incorporate several prominent Vastu elements in your property.

It bears repeating that Vastu is one of the primary concerns for most buyers and renters before they make their big decision. Whether you like it or not, you have to understand that Vastu is here to stay.

The sooner you incorporate it into your property, the better your profits will be.