Site Visit Checklit

Here is a handy checklist of all things you must be doing when on a site visit, to ensure every aspect of your home buy is inspected.

Buying a home today is broadly a choice between a ready-to-occupy or one that is currently under-construction.

In most cases, the home under-construction works out to be an economically better deal, as costs are often lower.

But then again, in an under construction home there are risks of what you will get and when you would get it.

Hence, it is important that you evaluate a property on multiple aspects, before actually signing on the dotted line. And this evaluation varies a bit for a home that is currently underway and one that is ready for you to move in.

Now, there are few general guidelines you will have to check no matter what type of property you are looking to buy.

So whenever you are going for a site visit carry a pen and notebook along with you and evaluate your site visit for the following things


  • Check whether the project is easily approachable or does it require a lot of time and effort to reach there.
  • How far is the project from main road?
  • Are there sufficient street lights in the approach road?
  • Check for lonely patches in the approach road.

If the approach road doesn’t meet all the above requirements, you can expect a better price than nearby properties that have a better approach.

Connectivity and Accessibility 

  • Check the connectivity of the project, whether it is has accessibility to public transport such as buses and metros from the project,
  • Check whether there are good Hospitals nearby .
  • Look beyond the project layout and check for the nearest grocery store, schools, banks.
  • Security of the area in and around the layout is another important aspect, you must inspect
  • Check the scope of entertainment, like theaters and restaurants nearby.

Here are some specific guidelines that will help you ask the right questions, when visiting:

A Ready to Move Home

  • Evaluate the stand of the builder in the construction community and their diligence to providing quality construction.
  • Ensure you have the apartment plans in hand. Make sure all the amenities promised, are provided. If the amenities are not ready , get a commitment on when it could be ready.
  • Your evaluation must include the balconies, the floor area assured, all ventilation points, the drainage systems and the power supply. Check if the grills in the balcony are provided by the builder. If not, do you have the option of doing your own grills or would have to follow the builder’s design specifications
  • It’s very important that you check the electrical fittings, the power backup and the frequency of power supply.
  • Look at the quality of work inside the house. Every builder provides a detailed list of all materials and accessories used. Check the fixtures, tiles etc are as per the specifications mentioned in the brochure
  • Move on to the common areas from here and ensure that everything on your floor is as per the plan. While minor deviations occur naturally, make sure that these changes do not cut into what you are being promised. Look at the elevators, fire safety measures and lighting.

Once you are satisfied with all that is being offered, you can take the discussion further and finalize on the home of your choice. Have your realty lawyer scrutinize documents to ensure that everything is legally in place and there are no hindrances of any kind.

A Home Under-Construction:

  • Check the layout, and evaluate it on the basis of Security and safety of your family
  • Assess the model flat accurately on the bedroom size, Kitchen Size. Check with the sales personal on the materials that will be used for your home will be similar to that of Model apartment.
  • Check the number of entrances and exits and how well they are placed
  • Check if the parking facilities are as per the approved plan and how many car parks are available
  • Walk into the entrance lobby and ascertain its utility
  • Look at the space provided for lifts and their placement in terms of the apartment you are considering
  • Evaluate all the common areas provided to see whether the construction is going as per the approved plan.
  • Look at the drainage systems in place
  • Look at whether open spaces, the pool, club house, gym and any other facilities promised are going as per the approved plan. Though a small leeway may be made for changes, it should not deviate too much.

With this checklist, you will be able to ascertain if a particular property lives up to your expectations and your discerning taste.

It will also help you clear any doubts you may have and ensure that you get all that you are promised within a stipulated time.

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