Terms and Conditions

1. All payments are to be made favoring M/S. Vakil Housing Development Corporation Pvt. Ltd., or
M.A.Vakil against official receipts issued by the Company.

2. Premium to the cost will be applied as per the price list.

3. The Purchaser/s agrees to pay the balance amount on the date mentioned below. Failing to do so,
the company reserves the rights to cancel the blocking.

4. If the Purchaser/s cancels the blocking within 7 days from the date of blocking, then full refund
shall be made within 2 business days. If the cancellation is made after 7 days from the date of
blocking, then 2% of the total sale consideration shall be deducted and the balance refunded
within 30 days of receiving the sale consideration from the new buyer/s.

5. The Company reserves the rights to accept or reject any blocking received at any time before

6. Bank Charges will be borne by the Purchaser/s for any out station cheque/s

7. The details of the Purchaser/s contained in this blocking form may be used by the Company for its
advertising purposes or make available (for the benefit & ease of the Purchaser/s) to banks and
other financial institutions for the purpose of obtaining loans.

8. Registration charges & other government charges are subject to change as per government

9. The Purchaser/s will have to execute a Sale Agreement immediately after payment of the blocking

10. All the details shown in the brochure perspective are conceptual designs and do not constitute a
legal offering. It may vary at the time of execution. The location of facilities like gardens,
clubhouses etc are subject to change depending upon architect’s advice for better planning.

11. There could be small variations in the plan of the unit, to which the client agrees to abide with.

12. I understand that only written and signed commitments given by the Company will honored and
not any verbal Commitments, from whomsoever it may be in the Company. 

13. For all other terms and conditions not mentioned or elaborated upon herein, the terms and
conditions mentioned in the Sale Agreement shall be binding on both the Company and