Summers are often that time of year when family come together, take some time off from their busy schedules and go out for a vacation or do some activities together.

These days vacation definitions have changed, kids are stuck in their couches with their mobile phones. Kids are more inclined towards with playing games on phone rather than going out.

We at Vakil Housing, wanted to do something different and make summers fun for kids. For us family values and bonds are important and so we took one step towards making that happen.

At Vakil Encasa, we are showcasing every month a movie at Mini Theatre that just does not entertain kids but also gives them a message for a lifetime.

We still cherish the memory of a father explaining his son the movie Croods and giving him true lessons of life “Never be afraid of dark, follow the light”

It’s joyful to see three generations of same family, sitting and laughing together at the jokes of the characters from the movie.

20160423_125602                       20160423_125609

Here is a quick video of the movie-goers at Vakil EnCasa sharing their experience:


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