umbrella_home_7178When the sun doesn’t shine and it’s raining buckets, you’d be surprised to learn that if you headed out for a site visit and actually decided to buy an apartment, you’d be at a huge advantage.

Most people don’t even feel like stepping out of their homes during monsoons when the rainy weather turns the roads into slush and there’s mud everywhere.

But put on your raincoat and wear your waterproof shoes if you’ve been planning to buy an apartment. Let us tell you why.


1. It’s pure economics – fewer buyers so builders more eager to sell

Builders are under constant pressure to sell the apartments they’re building. Monsoons dry up the list of prospective buyers and this frustrates them no end. So if you decide to buy an apartment now, there are better chances of negotiating with them for a better deal.

They become more flexible when it comes to payments and you can definitely get a better price on the apartment. Builders are also more open to giving discounts or other freebies which you might not get otherwise.

This is also the best time for you to try and get the kind of apartment you’ve always wanted, even if it’s above your budget because negotiation with builders is easier during the monsoons

2.  When timing matters…to other people

Monsoons coincide with the month of Ashada and even Pitrupaksha which is considered an inauspicious time to buy something as life changing as a home. Due to this, builders see a lot of fall in sales. Take a beat. Think about this carefully and consult with others at home.

If you or your family are not finicky about this, then it’s actually a good time to buy because builders will be happy to offer you a deal that you like, just to ensure a sale takes place.

3. Rain reveals the true colors

The beauty of the rains is that they wash everything in sight and you can see what everything is like. After a couple of heavy downpours, the reality of the apartment you plan to buy will emerge.

Whether it is external or internal paint, locks getting stiff, doors and windows not shutting, water leaks and seepages, you get a clearer picture of the general construction quality of the home you plan to buy.

4. The reality of the neighborhood

Monsoons are also the best time to judge the reality of the situation, the neighborhood and how it changes during monsoons. Do the roads get flooded? What about the traffic? Does it become worse?

What is the condition of the approach roads? Does the basement car parking get flooded? You will get answers to all these questions during the monsoons and it can make all the difference between buying or not, once you see it then.

5. Going against the tide helps

During monsoons, people prefer to stay warm and cosy indoors and don’t head outside as far as possible. Site visits are practically non-existent. Going against the tide has many benefits and all of them involve you saving money while still getting the home of your dreams.

Key Takeaway

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that you can get started on your apartment hunting once the rains have let up. Despite being an uncomfortable proposition, remember that the monsoons give you an advantage and builders will be willing to negotiate and you might get the deal of a lifetime. Don’t hesitate just because the rains are pounding the city. Make your move now!

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