5 Top Reasons Why Investing in a Budget Apartment makes a solid investment

You go on a search engine and type ‘budget apartment + benefits’. An exhaustive list of results appears and before you know, you are bombarded by real estate advertisements.

To add to the chaos, there is a steady stream of unwarranted ‘expert advice’ pouring in from family and friends.

Let’s remove the daunting dimension and make this an informative yet entertaining guide for you.

Using analogies with popular Hindi movies, we explain why buying a budget apartment is a good investment you can make.

Awara Pagal Deewana

Remember Aftab Shivdasani’s character in Awara Pagal Deewana?

Falls for the pretty, petite Amrita Arora and marries her only to later become a payment gateway for her expensive sprees.

A sprawling house or a high-end apartment may look mesmerizing and even fit your budget. However, the maintenance bills that follow will overpower your cost of living and are also most likely to escalate in future.

Box Office Verdict: A budget apartment offers reasonable maintenance rates and will not eat up other expenditure heads.

Love Aaj Kal

A la Jai (Saif Ali Khan) who got his dream Golden Gate project in San Francisco, what if you bag a job abroad?

A long distance relationship with a house or a high-end apartment is risky and preferably should be avoided.

While Saif can just pull a jet-set-go, you may want to plan things like renting out your apartment or even selling it.

A budget apartment with 2- or 3-BHK will be easier to put on rent or sell. In Bengaluru, approximately 57% of houses are up for rent and even then there is a gap in the supply to demand ratio.

If reselling is what you are looking for, there are plenty house hunters scouting for houses. Considering the rising demand, chances are you will receive a fancy resale value – way higher than your original investment.

To get maximum appreciation, focus on the locality rather than the size of the house.

The suburbs of Bangalore are emerging as the latest hit in the residential market. With housing prices soaring up the sky in the suburbs, the returns on investments are sky-high.

Box Office Verdict: The constantly increasing demand for budget apartments will assure you good rental income and fetch you an appreciated resale value.

Zindagi Na MilegiDobara

Today’s working class is not just about roti, kapda aur makaan. We want that X-Factor in our lives to make the most of the one life we get to live.

Buying a budget apartment may not fit into your idea of a ‘dream home’, but the breathing space the lower EMI gives you will be a relief.

Use the mobile funds to be like Arjun from Zindagi Na MilegiDobara.

A 2- or 3-BHK budget apartment falls in a price slab of INR 25-35 lakhs.

To avail a home loan or to do the money jugaad for this price is not much of a headache. With a lower EMI, worries are at a bay and you can enjoy finer things like travelling or buying that expensive bike you always wanted.

Box Office Verdict: Budget apartment = Less pressure of EMI = Budget disposal for other joys of life.

Biwi No. 1

How many of us have invested in stocks and felt burnt our hands in the process?

Pick any pink paper and you will notice the ever fluctuating nature of the stock market.

Real estate on the other hand, has a steadfast and has only left investors with a smile on their faces. While individuals with liquid money may be able to face the wrath, those of us from the working class have a conservative risk appetite.

We should rather invest that money in a modest home.

Here, let’s take Salman Khan’s character from Biwi No.1 as an instance. He may have been lured by the attractive Susmita Sen but in the end he realizes the importance of his wife.

Investing in shares is like a relationship with an unsteady girlfriend while an immovable asset as your own house, no matter how small, is like the warmth of a marital union – it has a sense of permanency and stability.

Box Office Verdict: A budget apartment is the safest and most secure haven for investment compared to gold and stocks.

Jodha Akbar

There are many kings in a nation, but only one can boast of being an Emperor.

A budget apartment is like Akbar – the whole and sole Emperor of the investment world. While housing formats like villas and high-end apartments are still considered risky options, budget apartments have held their fort successfully.

In a market where even precious commodities such as gold and crude oil are fighting a losing battle due to demand fluctuations; budget apartments have not just stood steady on the battleground but have also blown the victory trumpet.

Box Office Verdict: When it comes to investment instruments and commodities, budget apartments rule the roost.

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