Vakil Daffodils – Car Parking Allotment

Vakil Daffodils – Car Parking Allotment

We reached another milestone, a very important one!

We completed the construction of Vakil Daffodils before time and soon we will start with the registrations of flats in the name of owners.

Recently in April we did the car parking allotment for all owners of Vakil Daffodils at Vakil Whispering Woods Clubhouse.

We had a lottery system for car parking allotment, where we will put the numbers in a bowl and each customer will come and pick a chit. More than 80+ customers came with their families to pick their Car Parking number.

On behalf of those who ​were not present, two owners Mr. K. Navaneetha Krishnan ​(Flat No.D 023​)​ & Mrs. Shamla Balalji (Flat No.E 129)​ volunteered to draw from the lot​.

Here’s a small video that gives a glimpse of the event.

These little moments become tomorrow’s precious Memories.

Vakil Daffodils are 2 & 3 BHK Apartments, just 10 minutes from E-City.  Enjoy your apartment with Free Furnishing which includes Queen Size Beds , Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets and many more .

Vakil Daffodils has a long list of ready amenities in a 120 Acre Township.


Beginning of a New Project: Vakil Magnolia!

Beginning of a New Project: Vakil Magnolia!

We have completed more than 13+ projects in Bangalore, but every time we launch the new project we have the same excitement and the same motivation to spread smiles in our customer’s life!

Vakil Magnolia is the 6th Apartment Block in Vakil Whispering Woods. Our team performed the Bhoomi Puja before starting the project.

Here are some of the Photographs from the event:

DSC00156 DSC00174

DSC00238 DSC00181

About Vakil Magnolia :

Vakil Magnolia is 2  & 3 BHK Apartments, recently launched in the 120 acre township – Vakil Whispering Woods.  The floor plans of Magnolia came up after interacting with many customers and understanding their need for open spaces.

There are 6 types of Floor plans for 3 BHK Apartments, giving the customer a wide range of options.There are several parks and gardens and an 18,000 sq ft ready clubhouse. The best part is that it is located 10 minutes from Electronic City.