4 Questions that Actually Answer Why Integrated Townships are the Perfect Investment

4 Questions that Actually Answer Why Integrated Townships are the Perfect Investment

E1513698very other day you might have come across a big splashy advertisement in the newspaper, announcing the launch of a new integrated township somewhere in the city.

If you’ve ignored it, thinking it must be some sort of new marketing spiel by developers, it’s time you changed your outlook, because integrated townships are indeed the way of the future and they’re here to stay!

Let’s take a quick look by going through frequently asked (or thought) questions about this phenomenon.

1. What is the difference between lifestyle enclaves and integrated township? Why should I opt for Integrated township.


The gated community consists blocks of apartments or villas bound together by a gate. This  gives residents privacy as it gives controlled access to non residents. Gated community often referred as lifestyle enclave provides safety by eliminating traffic, as it has restricted access .

Integrated township offers much more than just homes to stay in. These are huge properties with schools, hospitals, supermarkets, offices, Malls all built inside it. They are self sufficient in every possible way. Residents don’t need to leave their premises because all their needs are met inside the township. The reason why you should invest in integrated townships is it gives you affordable and convenient infrastructure for a better lifestyle

2. Is it safe for my family?


Since it is so self-contained, integrated townships are considered to be very safe for families where both spouses are working. Often, at least one spouse might have their office within the township making them extremely accessible to their family in case of any emergency.

During normal times also, knowing that their family is just a walk away, affords a sense of mental peace to the working spouse, helping them focus on their work better.

3. Are Integrated Townships a good investment?


Actually, they’re the best investment opportunity. Investors have the option to invest in residential or commercial property as both are available inside the township. They can even invest in a combination of both. Prices of properties inside a township tend to appreciate faster as builders promote them heavily.

Property prices here also go up much higher than regular investments. Whether it is through rental or sales, investors will definitely benefit from investing their hard earned money in a township.

4. Okay, but is my money safe with such investment?


Absolutely. Since only the biggest developers out there can afford to set up an entire township, it goes without saying that your investment is safe. Big developers have their reputations to consider and they will conduct all due diligence before they start the construction. It’s there for safe to say that your investment will be protected.

Key Takeaway


Integrated townships are the way of the future for most developers. This makes it a huge opportunity for investors because properties inside townships appreciate faster and better. Even if you are looking to buy a property here for your family, it’s a good option because it is safe and lets you enjoy all the amenities you need without having to step out of the township.

Top 5 Online Property Portals to Search for Your Dream Home

Top 5 Online Property Portals to Search for Your Dream Home

2678921_origThinking of buying your dream home? That’s great news! You have started talking to your family and friends about it. You are all set to launch yourself for the next big step in your life.

Excited? Nervous? Buying your dream home is a very important stage in your life, which requires a lot of research, going through classified ads, talking to agents and builders. Then rushing for site visits and running back and forth for the paperwork.

Sigh! All this used to take weeks or months in the bygone days. Now, all the information is at your fingertips. Online real estate portals offer a plethora of options and services to choose from.

Have a look:

  • Smart filters to customize your search based on your budget, location and your choice of amenities.
  • Most of the real estate websites offer advisory services to help make informed decisions.
  • Tools to help you with rate comparison, potential of the location, possible appreciation, easy home loans and EMI options, etc.
  • Virtual tours, photos and floor plans give you a feel of the locality, from the exact location, amenities around, to the topography for all listed properties.

In fact, map-based portals such as housing.com and commonfloor.com allow you to create a specific interest point and explore the location of the listed property. The information provided is verified and can be easily cross checked. This eliminates shady agents and builders from scamming the potential buyers. Reviews and testimonials from other buyers will help you get an idea about the listed builders’ credibility.

Look for homes based on a range of parameters from the comfort of your home and choose properties that match your criteria. This gives you more control over the options and makes you less dependent on the broker or the builder.

Convenience through Clicks!

Looking for a home online has more benefits than people realise:

  • Look for a home at your own convenience.
  • You can peacefully browse through the projects located in other cities and countries.
  • It is an ideal means of connecting builders and home sellers to potential customers.
  • Enjoy various free services virtually without the hassle of being physically present.

Verification is the word!

While browsing for the property online, choose a website that gives you the following features:

  • A telephone verification system to ensure the credentials of the property sellers.
  • A verification system to ensure that details provided for each property are accurate.
  • A service that provides you with tips on how to protect against any legal entanglements.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the city of your choice with a large selection of projects across all budgets and locations.
  • A security system is in place that ensures all your private details are protected.

We shortlisted Top 5 Online Property Portals for you to Explore.

  1. CommonFloor.com
  2. Housing.com
  3. MagicBricks.com
  4. IndiaProperty.com
  5. 99acres.com

Here are the services and options they offer

Services & Options CommonFloor.com MagicBricks.com Housing.com IndiaProperty.com 99acres.com
Compare properties Yes Yes
Virtual Tour Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
100% Verified Properties Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes
Home Loan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Map Based Search Yes Yes
Set Alert for your Search Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App


Yes Yes Yes Yes


Interesting, isn’t it? Now sit back, sip on some coffee and get set to explore your dream home!

Let us know if you know of any great property portals or services that you think will help fellow potential buyers.

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Things You Must Check to Make the Most out of Your Site Visit

Things You Must Check to Make the Most out of Your Site Visit

Site Visit Checklit

Here is a handy checklist of all things you must be doing when on a site visit, to ensure every aspect of your home buy is inspected.

Buying a home today is broadly a choice between a ready-to-occupy or one that is currently under-construction.

In most cases, the home under-construction works out to be an economically better deal, as costs are often lower.

But then again, in an under construction home there are risks of what you will get and when you would get it.

Hence, it is important that you evaluate a property on multiple aspects, before actually signing on the dotted line. And this evaluation varies a bit for a home that is currently underway and one that is ready for you to move in.

Now, there are few general guidelines you will have to check no matter what type of property you are looking to buy.

So whenever you are going for a site visit carry a pen and notebook along with you and evaluate your site visit for the following things


  • Check whether the project is easily approachable or does it require a lot of time and effort to reach there.
  • How far is the project from main road?
  • Are there sufficient street lights in the approach road?
  • Check for lonely patches in the approach road.

If the approach road doesn’t meet all the above requirements, you can expect a better price than nearby properties that have a better approach.

Connectivity and Accessibility 

  • Check the connectivity of the project, whether it is has accessibility to public transport such as buses and metros from the project,
  • Check whether there are good Hospitals nearby .
  • Look beyond the project layout and check for the nearest grocery store, schools, banks.
  • Security of the area in and around the layout is another important aspect, you must inspect
  • Check the scope of entertainment, like theaters and restaurants nearby.

Here are some specific guidelines that will help you ask the right questions, when visiting:

A Ready to Move Home

  • Evaluate the stand of the builder in the construction community and their diligence to providing quality construction.
  • Ensure you have the apartment plans in hand. Make sure all the amenities promised, are provided. If the amenities are not ready , get a commitment on when it could be ready.
  • Your evaluation must include the balconies, the floor area assured, all ventilation points, the drainage systems and the power supply. Check if the grills in the balcony are provided by the builder. If not, do you have the option of doing your own grills or would have to follow the builder’s design specifications
  • It’s very important that you check the electrical fittings, the power backup and the frequency of power supply.
  • Look at the quality of work inside the house. Every builder provides a detailed list of all materials and accessories used. Check the fixtures, tiles etc are as per the specifications mentioned in the brochure
  • Move on to the common areas from here and ensure that everything on your floor is as per the plan. While minor deviations occur naturally, make sure that these changes do not cut into what you are being promised. Look at the elevators, fire safety measures and lighting.

Once you are satisfied with all that is being offered, you can take the discussion further and finalize on the home of your choice. Have your realty lawyer scrutinize documents to ensure that everything is legally in place and there are no hindrances of any kind.

A Home Under-Construction:

  • Check the layout, and evaluate it on the basis of Security and safety of your family
  • Assess the model flat accurately on the bedroom size, Kitchen Size. Check with the sales personal on the materials that will be used for your home will be similar to that of Model apartment.
  • Check the number of entrances and exits and how well they are placed
  • Check if the parking facilities are as per the approved plan and how many car parks are available
  • Walk into the entrance lobby and ascertain its utility
  • Look at the space provided for lifts and their placement in terms of the apartment you are considering
  • Evaluate all the common areas provided to see whether the construction is going as per the approved plan.
  • Look at the drainage systems in place
  • Look at whether open spaces, the pool, club house, gym and any other facilities promised are going as per the approved plan. Though a small leeway may be made for changes, it should not deviate too much.

With this checklist, you will be able to ascertain if a particular property lives up to your expectations and your discerning taste.

It will also help you clear any doubts you may have and ensure that you get all that you are promised within a stipulated time.

5 Smart Ways to Evaluate a Location for your New Home

5 Smart Ways to Evaluate a Location for your New Home

homeswing-home-search-near-locationYour reasons for buying a house may be many – a good rental option, a place to settle down, an upgrade from your present housing or even an investment for a future transaction.

Irrespective of the reason, you are looking to invest in a home that has the potential to grow in value as an asset.

Whether you are a buyer or a renter, you must, by now, have a good idea of where you would like to live. The area may have several draw factors – proximity to your work place, schools and medical facilities or simply the potential to appreciate exponentially.

No matter what the benefit of the particular home, you must not negate the importance of your location at any point. Here are five ways to evaluate the location of your potential home:

1. Research the Growth of the Location

Connect with a good real estate agent or do your own homework for this. Look into the growth of the location over the years. Has the growth been steady? Do real estate agents still believe in its potential to grow? Let your research go back at least a decade and look over the figures. Ignore the few small dips you see that may be market related.

There may be two outcomes to this – you may find that you have the perfect location that has all the potential to grow. Or, you may find that you have the ideal property, in an area that is virtually saturated and thus end up with stagnant growth rates.

2. Evaluate Amenities

Even if you are yet to start a family, it is important to evaluate the schools around you. These are details that come in handy when you plan a family. This is also important if you plan to sell the house at a later date. Families look for quality schools and this can be a huge draw for a potential renter or buyer.

Besides schools you will also want to look into medical facilities around you as well as your options for entertainment. If you have ailing members of the family, specialized care in the vicinity must be evaluated. Your social life will also determine the kind of entertainment options you will want around you.

3. Enquire on Job Opportunities

 If the location you are evaluating is placed in close proximity to a commercial hub, this can open a world of opportunities. New job opportunities may come closer to home than before. This is also a factor that many people looking to rent or buy would like to ascertain.

Look into the current job market at the selected location. Also make enquiries on the newer companies or tech parks and the like that may be setting up here.

4. Check on the Number of Homes that are listed for Sale

It is important to know the number of homes that go on sale, on average in your location. This will help you understand two things – the first, if a property is truly great and appreciating in terms of value, then you will find only a few properties listed.

Alternately, more the number of sales signs, more you need to research into the feasibility of the location and what it may be possibly missing. A general rule of thumb –lesser homes on sale in a locality make better investment options.

5. Spend Some Time Experiencing the Location

 It is important for you to get a feel of the location. Drive to your workplace and back in peak hours. Do a school run during the right times to see how long it takes. Make a mental checklist of all the amenities you like to have close by and go to each one of them and understand how they fit into your lifestyle.

Also evaluate connectivity to other parts of the city and public transport options among other things.An ideal way to summarize your evaluations is to compare 2 to 3 of the top locations on your list based on the above parameters and narrow down on your choice.

Once you are done evaluating all these aspects, it will become clear to you, if this location is the right one for you. Take the time out to do so, as a home is a long term investment of your hard earned money. It is also a large financial commitment.


  • Irrespective of why you are buying a home, evaluating location is important
  • Evaluate a location from the perspective of a buyer that may look to sell in the future
  • A location’s growth pattern is an ideal benchmark of its quality
What Matters Most : Location or Property ?

What Matters Most : Location or Property ?

location_locationIt was a pleasant family get together over the weekend at my friend’s home located in the Central Business District (CBD). Satiated after lunch, everyone picked corners to settle down and start the conversation.

My friend and I were nursing our coffees when the talk took towards investing in a new home. I was a bit taken back that my friend was considering a new investment.

Here he was, located in the heart of Bangalore city, looking to find another home in Electronic City, the upcoming IT hub. Why? It’s because…his job requires him to be there through most of the week.

His wife has a job in the same vicinity and they have their child admitted to a school close to their office for convenience of pick up and drop.They had purchased their home in the CBD over a decade ago and today, the relevance of its location has changed for them.

This led us to think on how relevant the location of where you purchase your house is. So, buying a new house is not just about finalising the property anymore.

With newer infrastructural systems coming in place – highways, ring roads, flyovers, bridges as well as the Metro trains, distances are becoming shorter and perhaps the focus on amenities like living in ‘green’ corridors and other such factors are gaining significance.

So, the final decision of purchase depends on your personal needs. If you are unsure of whether the property is more important or the location, here are some points to consider:

  • There is More to a Location than Geography: Yes a good location is about being well placed from office, school and other facilities, but it is also about being placed in a safe neighbourhood.It covers the aspect of you being among like-minded people, good civic facilities and in an area which has appreciation potential. You have to remember that you can always change the way your property looks, but there is scarcely any scope of changing your location once the purchase has been made.
  • The Right Location Can Be a Money-Saver: If you plan to buy a home in an upcoming location to save on money, this may not be a good idea. You may spend on several additional things to bring the property up to your standard of living.Instead, investing in a property in a more central location in relation to your needs may help you save money on other aspects.

These two considerations bring us down to the fact that location, though still important has several more meanings to it today. Here are some aspects associated with it:

  • Geographic location
  • City or Suburb and where you would like to be placed
  • Neighbourhood and safety for your family
  • Proximity to school or office
  • Proximity to medical facilities (especially when you are living with senior citizens)
  • Proximity to friends for socialization opportunities
  • Entertainment options
  • Society’s viewpoint of the location. Location may also be perceived as a status symbol

There are several aspects for you to evaluate when you are examining the location of a potential property. Trying to understand what your needs may be in the short and mid-term will help you make a better decision on the location of your home.


  • Location, though important even today, has several new aspects to evaluate
  • A property may be modified, but a location cannot be
  • Placing your personal needs, current and future in perspective will help make a better decision on location.
Jigani- An Independent Home is now a possibility

Jigani- An Independent Home is now a possibility

Jigani Road ViewA close friend of mine, based in the CBD area for the past several years, recently got the job opportunity of a lifetime. The only hitch, in his opinion, was that his new office would be in the Jigani Industrial area. Seeing as it is situated close to 40kms away from the CBD, he was unsure of whether the move would be a logical one to make. His best recourse, as far as I saw it, was to plan on investing in property at Jigani and moving base there. This led to both of us looking into the potential of the area in depth.

Jigani lies between Bannerghatta National Park and Electronic City, making it an important location in South Bangalore. Close to a decade ago, the approach roads to the Bannerghatta National Park and beyond were close to non-existent. However now, the connectivity has improved immensely. The major plus point of the area is the fact that it is located very close to Electronic City and the Jigani Industrial Area.

Jigani may be approached by the Bannerghatta Main Road or what is also known as the Jigani-Anekal Road. This goes on to become the SH-87 and connects to large segments of South Bangalore. Since it also connects to the NICE corridor, the approach to several surrounding areas such as HSR Layout, Electronic City and Bommasandra is easy. The main bus-stops of Otis and APS Circles as well as Harapanahalli help commuters get to different parts of the city.

Major features of the area:

Presence of several lakes in the area

  • Hennagara Lake
  • Bidre Kere Lake
  • Jigani Lake

Schools in the area

  • Achiever’s Academy
  • Ebenezer International School
  • Treamis World School

Medical facilities in the area

  • Narayana Hrudyalaya
  • Sparsh Hospital
  • Narayana Health City
  • Narayana Netralaya

Shopping Options in the area

  • D-Mart
  • Metro
  • Hosa Road Markets

Potential in the Jigani Area

The good thing about the Jigani area is the fact that it has been neatly segregated into residential and commercial areas. Since it is still in the nascent stage of realty development, there is a significant amount of residential plots that are available. Being largely in demand by a burgeoning IT crowd, there are multistoried apartments and independent villas that are coming up all around.

What may perhaps be considered a drawback is the presence of granite factories in the vicinity and the amount of dust they throw up. Interior roads and sewage lines in the area also need to be developed.


Price points

  • Residential plots for purchase: Approximately Rs 950/sqft.
  • Price range of 2-3BHK apartments: Rs 23 to Rs 75 lakh depending on the brand value of the builder.
  • Rentals are not too many right now considering the place is still under development by owners who want to use the place themselves. However, apartments are in the range of Rs 7000 to Rs 13,000 a month and independent homes are around Rs 8000 to Rs 18,000 per month.
  • The scope for purchase of homes will continue to rise in the coming years. With independent homes being an option for purchase, the demand is likely to be high here in Jigani.


  • Jigani is placed close to Electronics City and Jigani Industrial area, making it an ideal residential option.
  • Jigani is still in the nascent stage of realty development and so land and independent homes are available for purchase in plenty.
  • Connectivity to South Bangalore via the NICE road and Bannerghatta main road ensure that the CBD is not too far away.
  • The scope of purchasing property is higher than rental opportunities right now.