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4 Ways to Handle the Burden of Your Home Loan

The decision has been made and you are on the verge of signing the dotted line for the home loan of your choice. Very soon, you may move into the house of your dreams and begin to pay for it with a part of your savings and income every month. Things may seem to be...

7 Ways to increase your Home Loan Eligibility

No doubt, buying a home is a huge decision. There are several factors to take into consideration, many of them related to finance. Once you have made the decision to buy a home, you have to look into your eligibility for a home loan – and this is a crucial first step...

Cancelling Your Booking and Securing a Refund

In the previous segment of this sequence titled Non-Legal Options When Cancelling Your Booking, we spoke of the non legal options through which you can cancel a booking. Here we will talk on how you can cancel your booking and get a full refund. Naveen Thomas recently...

Non-Legal Options When Cancelling Your Booking

I was recently having a chat with a friend who's forte is real estate law. One of the most common cases she confronts is with people who are looking to cancel their apartment bookings and seeking refunds. What makes things difficult in most cases is that there are no...

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