Benefits of Community Living

Nidhi and Abhay Khanna are General Physicians working in a top hospital in the city. They have two teenage children and their elderly parents visit them frequently. They are thinking of moving into a villa located in a gated community from their independent house.

The reasons for their decision are numerous.

Here are the main reasons community living is a viable and necessary option in the current fast-paced world:

Safe Haven

When one or the other of you is on-call at odd hours, or has to go out of town for conferences and other emergencies, the other will no longer be alone. Moreover, visitors and maids are screened by the security personnel at the gate.

No more pesky salespersons at the door at lunch hours and nap time. No more reason to check under the bed for burglars. No more reason to put the safety on before opening the door. You will be part of a community with round-the-clock security.

Certain gated communities also provide reliable domestic help through their extended network and you have the option of verifying them at the security desk.

Like-minded and Friendly Neighbors

You will have like-minded neighbours. You will feel safe sending your kids out to play within the community.

If you used to worry about your elderly parents, now you do not have to worry about leaving them alone, when you go for work. The kids and the adults will enjoy the feel of community living brought in by the safe environs.

Goodbye, Maintenance Worries!

No more hands up to the elbows in a blocked sink. You do not have to worry about a burst pipe or intermittent water supply. The maintenance section of the community takes care of utilities, even when you are out-of-town.

Amenities at Your Finger Tips 

Ever sat in a car in traffic, fuming because all you wanted was to get some flour and vegetables to make dinner?

You do not have to travel in the city traffic or travel far to get to the nearest supermarket or ATM kiosk anymore because the gated community has all the necessary shops with door-to-door delivery.

Some even boast of bank branches within the community. Your kids can get themselves a bagel or a pastry from the patisserie within the compound without your worrying about their safety.

Abundant Space and Serenity

Imagine plucking ripe oranges from the tree in your yard, and serving them for breakfast?

A villa offers you space for your own little garden. You can keep your treasured pets with you, which you would not have been able to do inside an apartment.

You also have the added advantage of being away from the madding crowds and pollution. There are walkways and gardens within the community that add to the feeling of space and serenity.

Home, Your Own

Tired of having to listen to the neighbors bickering through the walls?

In your ritzy villa with a touch of little Eden, you will not have to. Unlike an apartment which is owned by the community as a whole, here you own your swanky home. The aura of exclusivity that surrounds your villa is an added bonus.

Fit as a Fiddle

Do you see the images of fit models/actors and wish you had the time and opportunity to get some exercise in daily?

Living in a gated community, you can enjoy the use of the fitness club, the swimming pool and kids play area within the community. No more complaining about the commute to the local park or gym!

Moreover, you have friendly faces to play a game of squash or snooker with. Villas also offer the use of the exclusive clubhouse where you can host parties for family and friends.

In addition, your loved ones and friends do not have to drive around the city looking for a parking space when visiting you.

Spirit of Unity

The best thing about community living is the spirit of unity – be it celebrating a religious festival, or tackling a common problem. You and your family get to celebrate different festivals irrespective of your religion.

The diverse culture within the community will help your children inculcate respect for other cultures/religion preparing them to function in a multicultural workplace.

The residents also come together to tackle common problems related to the community.

Thus, you have your privacy, but you are not cut off from the rest of the commune as a result of the unique togetherness of the gated community system.

Ease of Disposal

Worried about the real estate value of the villa? Do not be. The value of a villa within a gated community usually goes up and there is constant demand for such houses.

In case you have to move out of the city or move to a different part of the city, you would find it easier to rent out or sell your villa within the gated community.

Nidhi and Abhay Khanna are moving into their new villa at the end of the month. They are thinking of getting their parents to rent adjacent villas as it works out well for all parties involved. They would be near each other in case of emergencies, but will also have the space to lead separate lives. They find the community living aspect of their new life the most exciting facet of the whole process.

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