7 Ways Real Estate Will Benefit From Demonetization

7 Ways Real Estate Will Benefit From Demonetization

real-estate-positive-trendLife changed irrevocably for millions of Indians on the evening of November 8th with the announcement of demonetization by the Prime Minister.

While we are still coming to terms with the long term repercussions of this move, one of the areas that will see medium to long term benefits is real estate.

Here’s how.

16344771. Lower Interest Rates

In the move to adopt a cashless economy, millions of Indians have rushed to deposit their money in their accounts. As a result, the banking system has seen a huge upsurge in funds.

This in turn will lead to lower interest rates on deposits as well as loans.What’s even more significant is that home loan interests are expected to come down to as low as 7 to 8%.

For real estate, this is actually a huge boost because at such low rates, most people start looking at property as a viable investment opportunity and it becomes attractive to not just buyers and investors but also the invisible category of businessmen and professionals.

13285152. Lower EMIs

Property becomes accessible to more buyers because of the chain reaction of lower interest rate leading to lower EMIs on loans.

For buyers, this could be a dream scenario even if property prices remain the same, as it has become more affordable for them.


3. More Lucrative Investment

In times of demonetization, investors are looking for opportunities that will create more wealth for them and they have realized that investing in property is a much more lucrative investment than earning the mere 5-6% interest on bank deposits as buying and renting out property gives much more return.

What’s more important is that a property is an asset that will appreciate over time and even result in income tax deductions in future.

12447834. New Wave of Buyers

The sharp spike in bank deposits post demonetization has also come from the unorganized and small scale sector. Crores of working people who relied on cash transactions until now have entered the banking system.

People like farmers, traders, tailors, hoteliers, beauty shop owners, tuition classes, small contractors, house maids, drivers, security guards are some of the new wave of bank account holders. What this also means that now, many of these people will eventually be eligible for bank loans and they can fulfill their dream of owning a home.

18055745. Government Investments

One of the direct effects of demonetization is that government will have money to invest in infrastructure because banks will need to deploy lakhs of crores in Government Securities.

With all this money at its disposal, the government can boost funding for infrastructure schemes such as Smart City Mission, Swacchh Bharat Mission and Housing for All etc, which will affect the real estate market positively.

15036276. Better Connectivity

As part of these infrastructure building activities, smaller towns will soon get airports, leading to better connectivity.

Real estate value will go up once this happens and there will be demand for property.


Icon_BuildingsNeighbourhoods_300x3007. Improved Infrastructure Improves Rates

In developed countries like USA, UK and Japan etc, where infrastructure is already top notch, real estate prices seems to show a slow rise whereas developing countries like India have seen a vast price difference in a city’s real estate before and after development of infrastructure.



Demonetization did not sound the death knell for real estate as most people might have believed. There are benefits in the long run which should not be ignored. This could either be directly through lowered interest rates or indirectly, through better infrastructure and connectivity.




5 Ways the Real Estate Bill will Offer Confidence & Safety to Home Buyers

5 Ways the Real Estate Bill will Offer Confidence & Safety to Home Buyers


Many times Home buyers get the short end of the stick when it comes to dealing with builders and real estate agents.

The unfortunate truth is that many buyers have faced similar numerous problems and this has given the entire transaction a bad name.


Whether it is delayed projects, poor construction quality, delayed possession, diversion of funds or even arbitrary change in layout plans, most buyers have faced this and accepted this as the grim reality, in silence.

This was because there was no regulation in place for builders and no standardization as such. If any buyer wanted to take up cudgels against a builder, they had to opt for legal recourse, which is expensive, time consuming and definitely not easy.

But times are changing.

With the passing of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill in the parliament, home buyers will find a much more positive atmosphere.

Here’s a quick look at how buyers can benefit from this bill and what it means to the real estate industry.

1407822No more shady projects where buyers lose money and peace of mind

Builders will no longer be able to launch projects at their whim. Before they can launch a new project, the Bill will ensure that they have to get clearance from the relevant regulatory and Planning Authorities and only then, they can go ahead.

This means that buyers will invest their hard-earned money into legitimate projects only. Also, the pre-launch discount option, which is mostly a marketing strategy to get more buyers will also have to make way for reliability. Fly-by-night operators will not be able to survive this stringent clearance policy.

1408990Buyers are secured because their money cannot be diverted to other projects

One of the biggest grouses that buyers have, is that builders divert the money they receive from them towards newer projects. However, once this Bill becomes a law, then this will not be possible.

The Bill states that money from buyers has to be deposited in a separate bank account, and 70% of that money has to be utilized in developing and completing the project in question. This will definitely reduce delays in the project.

1511274No more surprises as builders have to ensure final project matches advertisements

Often, buyers are tempted into investing into real estate, because they see the wonderful ‘artist’s depiction’ of the project that is being planned.

Also, most builders release snazzy advertisements and their marketing plans are enough to floor even the most hardened buyers.

But what happens when expectations don’t meet reality? When the advertised home doesn’t match what the buyer finally gets? Crushing disappointment and a sense of being taken for a ride.

However, once the new Bill is in place, builders will have to return the amount to the buyer, with interest, if the final project doesn’t match what was depicted. This will definitely put a stop to reckless promises from builders as they have to tread carefully.

Buyers can verify prior construction projects to check quality claims

At times buyers are unable to verify the claims of the builders regarding their quality. This will no longer be the case once this bill becomes a law.

Home buyers will be able to verify the quality of the builder’s prior constructions because the bill makes it mandatory for developers to provide details of projects launched in the past five years.

This includes a brief detail of the projects launched by the promoter,in the past five years, whether already completed or being developed, including current status of projects, delays in completion, details of cases pending, details of type of land and payments pending etc.

This means that buyers can now make an informed and wise decision before choosing the builder for their dream home.


1566391An extended repair period to ensure continued support from builders

Face it. This has happened with most buyers who take possession of their home and a couple of years later, find that paint is peeling or there are leaks in the pipes. The honeymoon period is over because buyers were liable for repairs for 1 to 2 years.

But with the new Bill, this will also change. Builders will be held liable for any structural defects up to five years now, to ensure that they will make the necessary repairs.

So far, so good. This pro-buyer bill doesn’t spell a death knell for builders. It just streamlines processes that have been all over the place until now and ensures that both parties are satisfied.

In the bigger picture, regulation for builders makes housing more affordable for everyone and that is certainly a good thing.


Gift Your Family a Secure Future with Home Loan Insurance

Gift Your Family a Secure Future with Home Loan Insurance

home-loan-insuranceUnexpected late night phone calls always carry a sense of foreboding.

When I received the call that my younger brother (in his early 40s) was hospitalized for a minor heart attack, I was understandably shocked. Here was a man, with a young family, good job, who had recently invested in a luxurious home, now lying supine in a hospital.

Of course, being young and overall healthy, he sprung back up pretty soon. With stern instructions from the doctor, he got back to his routine and took the trouble to reduce the stress in his life. But one of the first things he asked me when he got better was, “What will become of my family if something happens to me. I don’t want them to be financially burdened with this new home; what can I do?”

I was quite surprised that my brother had not opted to include home loan insurance as a part of the deal. Of course, he did get an admonishing from me on trying to cut corners, but I followed it up with advice on why this should be a New Year gift to his family!

What You Should Know About Home Loan Insurance

  1. The insurance is for the loan and not for the home and its contents.
  2. This insurance covers the family’s liability to pay EMIs if something happens to the principal borrower – you.
  3. If availed of – this insurance will cover all future EMIs that need to be paid. Some insurance providers also have a provision where the principal amount is returned to the family to make their future more secure.
  4. The cost of home insurance will decrease each time based on the amount paid to the bank.

Main Criteria on Which Premium is Arrived At

  1. Your age – the older the applicant, higher the premium.
  2. Your loan amount – higher the loan, higher the premium.
  3. Your loan tenure – longer the repayment period, higher the premium.
  4. Your overall health – Since my brother had a heart attack already, he will be considered a high risk and will have to shell out a higher premium now. If you are healthy, this will not be a concern.

Questions to Ask Your Home Loan Insurance Provider

  • Is the insurance applicable for death by any cause or only by accident?
  • How easy is the claims process?
  • Does my home loan amount have to be of a certain amount?
  • Can the EMI be paid in installments?
  • What are the exceptions?
  • Is a health check-up mandatory?
  • What happens in the case of pre-payment of loan?
  • Are there tax benefits?
  • Are there any implications if the loan is a joint one?

With these considerations, my brother has already got his home loan insurance taken care of. This New Year is going to be a much secure one for his family. Perhaps, its time you ensure the same for yours.

Major Take-Aways

  • Home loan insurance is often optional, but you must take it.
  • Home loan insurance covers the loan and not the home.
  • Some providers also give your family additional monetary benefits.
  • Home loan insurance premiums may be paid in installments or at one go, but there are implications with both.
Top 5 Localities in South Bangalore and Why You Should  Consider Renting Here

Top 5 Localities in South Bangalore and Why You Should Consider Renting Here

thumbnailSouth Bangalore has always been predominantly a residential sector. There are a few localities that are always in demand as far as rental properties are concerned.

Here is a look at 5 such popular localities and what makes them conducive as rental prospects.


What makes it tick?

This is a predominantly residential sector of Bangalore and is divided into 10 blocks. It is one of the earliest planned residential sectors in the city. Jayanagar has managed to hold on to a large portion of its green cover and you will find numerous parks and gardens dotting the landscape.

It is home to some of Bangalore’s elite and you will find numerous beautiful residential homes here.

Why rent here?

There are several projects in the mid-to-upper range of apartments by both branded as well as small time builders. Several individual homes have additional floors built to cash in on the possible rental opportunities they have.

On average rental prices here are begin at Rs 12,000 for a 2BHK. This varies based on the size of the home and its location in Jayanagar.

What it offers?

Jayanagar is rather self-sufficient and has the massive 4th block market that caters to every kind of home need conceivable. Every brand worth its salt has a standalone store in the area as do popular restaurant chains.

The Swagath Garuda Mall in neighboring Tilaknagar as well as Central Mall in JP Nagar serve as entertainment spots.

There are several quality schools in the vicinity and premium medical facilities. The Metro is an added draw. The area also connects easily to Bannerghatta road, Koramangala and Whitefield, all of which have numerous work places.


What makes it tick?

This is the largest locality in the city and is spread over 6 stages. It is well connected to Mysore Road, Kanakpura Road, Girinagar, Rajarajeshwari Nagar and several other areas that are home to companies with a large workforce.

Banashankari, over the years has developed in tandem with Jayanagar and a number of working people find it a convenient place to live, especially if they work at the Global Tech Village, in Electronic City, on Kanakpura Road or even in Jayanagar and Koramangala.

Why rent here?

There are several branded as well as mid-size builder apartments available here. More popular are individual homes that rent out apartments on each floor.

What it offers?

The area, much like Jayanagar, is quite self-sufficient as far as everyday requirements for home and family are concerned. With Jayanagar in close proximity, almost everything is taken care of. Rentals in the area are spread across a wide range depending on where your home is located. A 2BHK will range between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 on average.

Electronics City

What makes it tick?

Hosur Road leads into what is popularly known as E-City or Electronics City. E-City is spread over 3 phases and is home to over 3000 companies and a massive work force. Little wonder then that the residential market picked up immensely in this region and there is a sustained demand for rental properties.

Why rent here?

Villas as well as apartments are easily available for rent across Electronics City. Connectivity has improved immensely with the opening of the elevated highway which made getting from Silk Board Junction to Electronics City much easier.

Development has taken place across the sector and every kind of home is available for rent – from single room PGs to massive penthouses in branded apartment complexes. Many of these also work on the basis of lease considering the massive turnover of staff at various companies.

Across the Hosur Road stretch – areas such as Bommanahalli, sections of BTM Layout as well as locations liked Attibele are in demand in terms of residential rentals.

What it offers?

As with most other popular residential/commercial areas in Bangalore, this too is self-sufficient in every manner required.

HSR Layout

What makes it tick?

This layout is technically to the Southeast in Bangalore, yet it is an area that is extremely in demand among people looking to be placed close to Whitefield and Sarjapur.

These two areas have a number of commercial companies functioning within its borders and naturally people look for homes closer to their workplace. HSR Layout is divided into 7 sectors and development took place almost overnight here.

Why rent here?

Rental properties range from apartments to individual homes, all of which tend to be in the premium bracket as far as prices are concerned. While the area has most of what an individual will require, scope for entertainment is a bit low.

But with Whitefield relatively easier to access, this is an obstacle that is taken care of.

Kanakapura Road

What makes it tick?

A natural spill over of development in the Jayanagar and Banashankari sectors saw the rise of Kanakpura Road with its promise of large tracts of land.

Why rent here?

While the outskirts of the area were picked up for the development of farm houses, often second homes for people in the city, numerous branded names in realty have picked up sites here and are constructing massive apartment complexes.

Names such as Gokulam, Mantri Group, Brigade Group and more already have a presence here. With Metro work in full swing here, this area continues to be well sought after.

South Bangalore offers a wide range of rental opportunities for people looking for a great place. While these are the five popular localities, there are several more that have sprung up around these areas that are in demand as well.

Top Takeaways

  • South Bangalore is in demand primarily because of its proximity to IT hubs like Whitefield and Electronics City.
  • Jayanagar is much sought after for its green cover, quality homes and self-sufficient neighbourhood.
  • HSR Layout and Kanakpura Road have a great deal of premium residential offerings.



Is the Hosur Road next Bangalore North?

Is the Hosur Road next Bangalore North?


Bangalore City has a number of prominent stretches that are in demand – for their proximity to IT hubs, potential for residential development, high-end commercial development and more.

People look to invest in property for multiple reasons – commercial gains, good appreciation levels which may lead to great returns or resale value; better connectivity to common places of interest and more. One such place that may meet all these requirements and more is that of Hosur Road.