Top 5 Online Property Portals to Search for Your Dream Home

Top 5 Online Property Portals to Search for Your Dream Home

2678921_origThinking of buying your dream home? That’s great news! You have started talking to your family and friends about it. You are all set to launch yourself for the next big step in your life.

Excited? Nervous? Buying your dream home is a very important stage in your life, which requires a lot of research, going through classified ads, talking to agents and builders. Then rushing for site visits and running back and forth for the paperwork.

Sigh! All this used to take weeks or months in the bygone days. Now, all the information is at your fingertips. Online real estate portals offer a plethora of options and services to choose from.

Have a look:

  • Smart filters to customize your search based on your budget, location and your choice of amenities.
  • Most of the real estate websites offer advisory services to help make informed decisions.
  • Tools to help you with rate comparison, potential of the location, possible appreciation, easy home loans and EMI options, etc.
  • Virtual tours, photos and floor plans give you a feel of the locality, from the exact location, amenities around, to the topography for all listed properties.

In fact, map-based portals such as and allow you to create a specific interest point and explore the location of the listed property. The information provided is verified and can be easily cross checked. This eliminates shady agents and builders from scamming the potential buyers. Reviews and testimonials from other buyers will help you get an idea about the listed builders’ credibility.

Look for homes based on a range of parameters from the comfort of your home and choose properties that match your criteria. This gives you more control over the options and makes you less dependent on the broker or the builder.

Convenience through Clicks!

Looking for a home online has more benefits than people realise:

  • Look for a home at your own convenience.
  • You can peacefully browse through the projects located in other cities and countries.
  • It is an ideal means of connecting builders and home sellers to potential customers.
  • Enjoy various free services virtually without the hassle of being physically present.

Verification is the word!

While browsing for the property online, choose a website that gives you the following features:

  • A telephone verification system to ensure the credentials of the property sellers.
  • A verification system to ensure that details provided for each property are accurate.
  • A service that provides you with tips on how to protect against any legal entanglements.
  • Comprehensive coverage of the city of your choice with a large selection of projects across all budgets and locations.
  • A security system is in place that ensures all your private details are protected.

We shortlisted Top 5 Online Property Portals for you to Explore.


Here are the services and options they offer

Services & Options
Compare properties Yes Yes
Virtual Tour Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
100% Verified Properties Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes
Home Loan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Map Based Search Yes Yes
Set Alert for your Search Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App


Yes Yes Yes Yes


Interesting, isn’t it? Now sit back, sip on some coffee and get set to explore your dream home!

Let us know if you know of any great property portals or services that you think will help fellow potential buyers.

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7 Targeted Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Your Dream Apartment in Bangalore [Infographic]

7 Targeted Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Your Dream Apartment in Bangalore [Infographic]


Whispering Woods Residencies 3 Completed before time! The registrations are on full swing!

In the real estate industry of today, delay in property constructions is the bane of every home buyer.

When an  increasing number of people are ending up losing their hard money, to homes that show no signs of completion, we are glad to have always kept our commitment to our client as our top most priority.

Hence  it gives us great pride to announce that the construction of Vakil Whispering woods Residences 3 has been completed before time and we have started with the registrations for the property .

There are over 88 units completed in VWW R3 , and over 33 families have completed their registration processes over the last few weeks.

Registering a property in ones own name is a moment of great pride for every home owner and his/her family, more so when their homes were completed before schedule with no hassles or hiccups.

We have captured some of these special moments to share with you :

Vakil Housing

Mr. Mohammed Ali Vakil, Director of Vakil Housing congratulating Mr. Ahmed Khan for his flats at VWW R3 A-001 & A-002

VAkil Housing

Mr. Purushotham, CFO of Vakil Housing congratulating Mr & Mrs. Ravi Singh for owning two flats at VWW R 3 B-108 ,D-222


Vakil Housing

Mrs. Hemalatha and Mrs. Sanjana of Vakil Housing congratulating Mr & Mrs Chakraborthy for their C- 011 flat

Vakil Housing

Mr. Yassir Abbas of Vakil Housing congratulating Mr and Mrs Singh for their flat D-320.













Here is what some of our clients’ had to say about their home buying experience with the Vakil Housing,

“The dream was to own a house with ease and not to run behind much, and Vakil Housing took care of that. How systematically everything went makes us happy that we took such decision. We are treated like a family, the care and warmth that the staff gives us from the beginning to the end is amazing.  We thank Vakil Housing to make this home buying journey a joy ride. Hoping for many future investments.”

                                   Mr & Mrs Chakraborthy, Owner of VWW R3 C-011

“Great experience and very consistent. I purchased a property 11 years back with Vakil, I enjoyed the transparency and experience they provided at that time. I recently visited India and requested a site visit, the experience was exactly the same. While they have grown significantly, they have ensured the core values of the Organization remains uncompromised. I would trust their judgment and guidance and invest in Vakil’s property any day.”

            Mr. Ganeshan Venkateshwaran, Owner of VEC 120 & VGC 62


For us at Vakil Housing, happiness is defined by the amazing feedback received from our customers. It keeps is motivated and constantly striving to do better.

We look forward to transforming the home buying journeys of many more customers with joy and happiness.

“At Encasa, with so many amenities we don’t need to go outside for family vacations!”

“At Encasa, with so many amenities we don’t need to go outside for family vacations!”

Vakil Encasa, a lifestyle enclave just 10 minutes from Electronic City has now got an 11,000 sq ft fully equipped clubhouse. We at Vakil Housing were more than happy to inaugurate the clubhouse on 1st of June 2015.  The state of the art clubhouse has the following list of amenities:

  • 2 Swimming Pools ( one exclusively for ladies )
  • Gymnasium
  • Tennis court
  • Mini Theatre with latest sound system​
  • Snooker room
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball Court
  • Indoor Shuttle Court
  • ​Reading Room

Below is a pictorial tour of the Club House

vakil-_0234           vakil-_0147

Swimming Pool                                                    Table Tennis 

vakil-_0134            vakil-_0177

Snooker Room                                                       Mini Theatre

vakil-_0168            vakil-_0193

 Foosball                                                                  Gymnasium

vakil-_0217            vakil-_0245

Community Hall                                                   Indoor Shuttle Court

The clubhouse at Encasa, not only gives customers a reason to stay back at their homes at weekends but also makes small functions memorable. The clubhouse at Vakil Encasa has a community hall that can easily accommodate around 100 people. So now the residents can organize their functions just near to their home and save huge amount of time and money.

Many of our customers are already using the clubhouse and have quoted that

“At Encasa , there are so many amenities that we don’t need to go out for family vacations and pay for hotels. We have people who come over for weekends and we all have small gatherings every weekend”.

                                                                               – C V Prakash,Villa Number 355, Vakil Encasa

We strive towards achieving many more milestones like these, where we can give more reasons for them to stay at homes !!


4 Steps to Getting Reliable Information Online During Your Home Search

4 Steps to Getting Reliable Information Online During Your Home Search

home searchIt’s the natural order of things – when you decide to look for a property to invest in, your first round of research is done online. You look for reviews of the property, the builder as well as the area that you are looking to invest in. Often, the information you are looking for is found on real estate portals or websites that are dedicated to documenting properties and all the information related to it. While you read through all of the information available, one of the first thoughts to cross your mind is the accuracy of the information. “Are the details authentic?” “What is its nothing like the images online?” and many more queries scamper through your mind, don’t they?

There is no doubt that real estate developers are promoting their brands and properties online. In fact, larger budgets are being allocated each year to online brand management and promotion. Of late, the rise in the number of online flash sales is another indicator of how well the industry is doing on the web. But, somewhere along the line, the thought that lurks through your mind is, “Is possible that the true image of a brand is manipulated online to enhance sales?”

How to Sift through Information On The Web?

There is a lot of information available online on real estate. You will find this in multiple formats such as:

  • Property/builder reviews
  • Comparison charts amongst properties/builders
  • Analyses and trend discussions
  • Location analysis
  • Builder profiles and much more

If you are looking for reviews and conducting research on the overall feasibility of investment in a particular project in a city, here are some tips to cut through the fluff:

  1. Know where to look: There are a few well established portals and discussion forums that govern the space. Look for sites that moderate comments and have a sort of regulatory system in place to ensure some level of accuracy in reviews and information provided.
  2. Look for details and not statements: The fact that review portals allow the general public to log in and write about anything, makes the portal susceptible to misleading information. Always try to opt for a detailed post rather than a rant. Look for reviews that qualify a complaint rather than simply rant about it. This will give you an idea of what possible issues may come up and what you may ask the builder yourself.
  3. Look for Commonality: There may be a customer who is dissatisfied with a builder for a particular reason but that does not mean that you shy away from the project. Read through multiple reviews and look for factors that repeat – if at least 5 of 10 reviews say that a project has been delayed, then chances are it will happen to you as well. Don’t write off a project over a single complaint.
  4. Look into Poster Profiles: It is a common practice to create fake profiles and write in reviews or information on a site. This works both ways where you have positive as well as negative reviews coming in. This makes it difficult to ascertain who is telling the truth. Ideally get into the public profile of every poster, especially those with negative reviews and ascertain whether profile is genuine. Some telltale signs are:
    1. No profile picture or that of an animal or celebrity
    2. No prior posts
    3. An overly positive or negative review with no justification
    4. The lack of response to any queries that come in

With these 4 simple tricks, you will be able to weed out the unnecessary information and get on decision-making mode. Not all information available online is of bad quality. The trick is being able to differentiate between the two and make some smart decisions based on your research. Make sure you do ample research before you boil down on a project.


  • The Internet is the most popular source of information, but weeding through unreliable information is necessary.
  • There are 4 simple ways to set aside the fluff – know where to look, know what to ignore, look for commonality and look for details.
  • Online research is convenient, if you know how to make the best of it.