5 Options To Ease The Pain of Funding Your Down Payment

5 Options To Ease The Pain of Funding Your Down Payment

how-to-buy-down-paymentIf you have been filing away the plan to purchase your dream home for ‘later’ or when you are ‘more settled’, stop and reconsider right now.

The real estate scenario today is indeed a buyer’s market and you would gain tremendously from investing in it, particularly if you’re looking to buy your own home.

Even if you feel you need to have saved money for several years before you can even consider buying a home, we think the right time is now. What’s more, there are several housing loans that make it easier for you to go down this path, with some careful planning and thinking.

1409098But…what about down payment?

Well, yes, you would have to shell out money for down payment because the housing loan will not cover the entire cost of your home.

But before you balk at the huge amount of money you would need to funnel into this, let us quickly assure you that making the down payment too has become relatively easier today.

Firstly, the percentage of initial down payment has come down to 10% and even as low as 5% in some cases.

Yes, you read that right! Today, prospective owners can buy their dream home by paying as little as 5% of the cost of the home as down payment.

But do you still feel that arranging for even that much is beyond your means? Do you think that you just don’t have enough money to get into this right now?

Read on to discover how you can arrange for down payment and lock down your dream home right away.

1. Ask your employer for a loan

Most employers offer loans to employees at low interest rates. It would be a great idea to check at your workplace if this is available because it would allow you to take that step forward towards your goals, while still maintaining your self respect.

Often, the paperwork and documentation for such a loan is straightforward and simple, making it an easy process.

12689342. Availing finance against securities

Many people have financial assets such as bonds, shares, securities and insurance policies. But did you know that you can avail for loans against these?

Most banks are willing to extend loans against bonds and shares which means you don’t even have to sell them. Your securities remain as part of your assets.  

3. Liquidate your assets

If you’re unable to secure a loan against your assets such as gold, shares or mutual funds, or if the loan is not enough to cover your down payment, the best option would be to sell them.

Sure these are your plans for a rainy day but owning a home should definitely take bigger priority over investments right?

4. Your EPF comes in handy

The Employee Provident Fund is most often relegated as a retirement option and anyway you cannot withdraw it while you’re still employed.

However, if you have an EPF account for the past five years, you can take a loan from that account to make your down payment. The best part about this is that it’s your own money that is helping you out.

5. Turn to family for help

1244392As an absolute last resort, you might want to turn to your family – parents, in laws or relatives for financial help.

Traditionally, elders consider it their duty to help the younger generation in setting up their homes.

So, most often, relatives will pitch an amount towards your down payment willingly too.

Although this might be an option where you cannot be self-reliant, sometimes you might have no other choice.

Key Takeaway

Arranging for down payment today is not that much of a steep climb as it used to be, even a few years ago.

Apart from a lower down payment in the first place, there are certainly many ways in which you can arrange for it, if you only open your eyes and look in the right places.

Don’t let the fear of not having enough money for down payment deter you from your dream of owning your own home. After all, the right opportunities don’t come knocking on your door every single day.

4 Questions that Actually Answer Why Integrated Townships are the Perfect Investment

4 Questions that Actually Answer Why Integrated Townships are the Perfect Investment

E1513698very other day you might have come across a big splashy advertisement in the newspaper, announcing the launch of a new integrated township somewhere in the city.

If you’ve ignored it, thinking it must be some sort of new marketing spiel by developers, it’s time you changed your outlook, because integrated townships are indeed the way of the future and they’re here to stay!

Let’s take a quick look by going through frequently asked (or thought) questions about this phenomenon.

1. What is the difference between lifestyle enclaves and integrated township? Why should I opt for Integrated township.


The gated community consists blocks of apartments or villas bound together by a gate. This  gives residents privacy as it gives controlled access to non residents. Gated community often referred as lifestyle enclave provides safety by eliminating traffic, as it has restricted access .

Integrated township offers much more than just homes to stay in. These are huge properties with schools, hospitals, supermarkets, offices, Malls all built inside it. They are self sufficient in every possible way. Residents don’t need to leave their premises because all their needs are met inside the township. The reason why you should invest in integrated townships is it gives you affordable and convenient infrastructure for a better lifestyle

2. Is it safe for my family?


Since it is so self-contained, integrated townships are considered to be very safe for families where both spouses are working. Often, at least one spouse might have their office within the township making them extremely accessible to their family in case of any emergency.

During normal times also, knowing that their family is just a walk away, affords a sense of mental peace to the working spouse, helping them focus on their work better.

3. Are Integrated Townships a good investment?


Actually, they’re the best investment opportunity. Investors have the option to invest in residential or commercial property as both are available inside the township. They can even invest in a combination of both. Prices of properties inside a township tend to appreciate faster as builders promote them heavily.

Property prices here also go up much higher than regular investments. Whether it is through rental or sales, investors will definitely benefit from investing their hard earned money in a township.

4. Okay, but is my money safe with such investment?


Absolutely. Since only the biggest developers out there can afford to set up an entire township, it goes without saying that your investment is safe. Big developers have their reputations to consider and they will conduct all due diligence before they start the construction. It’s there for safe to say that your investment will be protected.

Key Takeaway


Integrated townships are the way of the future for most developers. This makes it a huge opportunity for investors because properties inside townships appreciate faster and better. Even if you are looking to buy a property here for your family, it’s a good option because it is safe and lets you enjoy all the amenities you need without having to step out of the township.

Make Hay while it Rains – 5 Reasons Why Monsoons are the Best Time to Buy Property

Make Hay while it Rains – 5 Reasons Why Monsoons are the Best Time to Buy Property

umbrella_home_7178When the sun doesn’t shine and it’s raining buckets, you’d be surprised to learn that if you headed out for a site visit and actually decided to buy an apartment, you’d be at a huge advantage.

Most people don’t even feel like stepping out of their homes during monsoons when the rainy weather turns the roads into slush and there’s mud everywhere.

But put on your raincoat and wear your waterproof shoes if you’ve been planning to buy an apartment. Let us tell you why.


1. It’s pure economics – fewer buyers so builders more eager to sell

Builders are under constant pressure to sell the apartments they’re building. Monsoons dry up the list of prospective buyers and this frustrates them no end. So if you decide to buy an apartment now, there are better chances of negotiating with them for a better deal.

They become more flexible when it comes to payments and you can definitely get a better price on the apartment. Builders are also more open to giving discounts or other freebies which you might not get otherwise.

This is also the best time for you to try and get the kind of apartment you’ve always wanted, even if it’s above your budget because negotiation with builders is easier during the monsoons

2.  When timing matters…to other people

Monsoons coincide with the month of Ashada and even Pitrupaksha which is considered an inauspicious time to buy something as life changing as a home. Due to this, builders see a lot of fall in sales. Take a beat. Think about this carefully and consult with others at home.

If you or your family are not finicky about this, then it’s actually a good time to buy because builders will be happy to offer you a deal that you like, just to ensure a sale takes place.

3. Rain reveals the true colors

The beauty of the rains is that they wash everything in sight and you can see what everything is like. After a couple of heavy downpours, the reality of the apartment you plan to buy will emerge.

Whether it is external or internal paint, locks getting stiff, doors and windows not shutting, water leaks and seepages, you get a clearer picture of the general construction quality of the home you plan to buy.

4. The reality of the neighborhood

Monsoons are also the best time to judge the reality of the situation, the neighborhood and how it changes during monsoons. Do the roads get flooded? What about the traffic? Does it become worse?

What is the condition of the approach roads? Does the basement car parking get flooded? You will get answers to all these questions during the monsoons and it can make all the difference between buying or not, once you see it then.

5. Going against the tide helps

During monsoons, people prefer to stay warm and cosy indoors and don’t head outside as far as possible. Site visits are practically non-existent. Going against the tide has many benefits and all of them involve you saving money while still getting the home of your dreams.

Key Takeaway

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that you can get started on your apartment hunting once the rains have let up. Despite being an uncomfortable proposition, remember that the monsoons give you an advantage and builders will be willing to negotiate and you might get the deal of a lifetime. Don’t hesitate just because the rains are pounding the city. Make your move now!

Beginning of a New Project: Vakil Magnolia!

Beginning of a New Project: Vakil Magnolia!

We have completed more than 13+ projects in Bangalore, but every time we launch the new project we have the same excitement and the same motivation to spread smiles in our customer’s life!

Vakil Magnolia is the 6th Apartment Block in Vakil Whispering Woods. Our team performed the Bhoomi Puja before starting the project.

Here are some of the Photographs from the event:

DSC00156 DSC00174

DSC00238 DSC00181

About Vakil Magnolia :

Vakil Magnolia is 2  & 3 BHK Apartments, recently launched in the 120 acre township – Vakil Whispering Woods.  The floor plans of Magnolia came up after interacting with many customers and understanding their need for open spaces.

There are 6 types of Floor plans for 3 BHK Apartments, giving the customer a wide range of options.There are several parks and gardens and an 18,000 sq ft ready clubhouse. The best part is that it is located 10 minutes from Electronic City.


How Summers are fun at Vakil EnCasa

How Summers are fun at Vakil EnCasa

Summers are often that time of year when family come together, take some time off from their busy schedules and go out for a vacation or do some activities together.

These days vacation definitions have changed, kids are stuck in their couches with their mobile phones. Kids are more inclined towards with playing games on phone rather than going out.

We at Vakil Housing, wanted to do something different and make summers fun for kids. For us family values and bonds are important and so we took one step towards making that happen.

At Vakil Encasa, we are showcasing every month a movie at Mini Theatre that just does not entertain kids but also gives them a message for a lifetime.

We still cherish the memory of a father explaining his son the movie Croods and giving him true lessons of life “Never be afraid of dark, follow the light”

It’s joyful to see three generations of same family, sitting and laughing together at the jokes of the characters from the movie.

20160423_125602                       20160423_125609

Here is a quick video of the movie-goers at Vakil EnCasa sharing their experience: