Essential Vaastu Tips for a Positively Charged Kitchen

Essential Vaastu Tips for a Positively Charged Kitchen

Whistling of cooker, thumping of pestles and sputtering of mustard seeds, the kitchen is tireless in brewing familiar aromas and supplying nourishment’s throughout the day.

Indeed its importance in relation to your home can only be compared to that of the ever-active heart with the body.

Have you ever thought about the common attributes of kitchens across the globe?

An eye-closed speculation might reveal them to be the hot cooking flame, the cool running taps and the fumes from tempering.

In fact, kitchen is the only living space where elemental forces of fire, water and air are in constant contact, often causing imbalance of energies. To prevent such elemental disharmony from occurring Vaastu should be taken into consideration while organizing the kitchen space.

Just as you protect your heart with a set of health rules, the cosmic health of kitchen can be safeguarded with instructions of Vaastu Shastra. Here is how.

Which Part of Your Home is Ideal for Cooking?

Vaastu Shastra reveals the lords of every direction and helps us synchronize our activities in accordance with these deities. Let’s find out which direction is ideal for cooking at home.

The South-East:According to Vaastu Shastra the South-east part of every home is ideally suited for positioning the kitchen, channeling positive energies all around.

The North-West:In case, the South-East is unavailable for cooking, you should turn your gastronomic attentions to the second perfect direction, the North-West. Yes, next to the South-East, the North-West is the best choice for positioning the kitchen without inviting cosmic discord.

Placement of Dining Area: If you are planning toconverta part of your kitchen as a dining area, then ensure that you use the area at the North-West or West side.

Where should You Place the Appliances?

Even if the direction of your kitchen is Vaastu perfect, misplacing the multitude of kitchen appliances can land you in cosmic uproar. To aid the flow of benevolent energies, you must give the placement of appliances a Vaastu guided thought.

1. South-East is the best direction for placing your gas stove.

2. However, facing the east while cooking is considered favourable for both the person in charge and the head of the family.

3. On contrary, facing west for cooking can be injurious to health, bringing misery to the household.

4. Please don’t be nervous if you cannot keep the gas stove at the South-East of the kitchen. Pasting a Venus Crystal above gas stoves placed in other directions will successfully drive off the ensuing negative energies.

5. Always keep few inches of space between the wall and the gas stove.

6. The south adjacent section of L-shaped kitchen platforms is best suited for placing your electronic appliances like microwave, sandwich-maker, mixer-grinder, coffee maker and toasters.

7. If your kitchen nests the electronic pantry aka refrigerator, placing it on the west or south-west direction will be advantageous.

8. When you keep the fridge in the south-west make sure there are a gap between the wall and the machine.

9. Suppose the south-west or west of your kitchen is blocked, place the refrigerator in the north but make sure to avoid the north-east.

10. Chimneys should be fixed right atop the gas-oven in east or south-east corner and exhausts on the southern walls, balancing the air element.

11. The best place for placing the wash-basin and all other water elements of your kitchen including the water filter is the Ishan or north-east.

12. Water bottles and glasses should also be kept in the north-east corner of the kitchen.

Where should You Store?

  1. Spacious storage is crucial for a functional kitchen. Vaastu Shastra advises to build storage cupboards along the southern or western walls of the kitchen.
  2. Never build your storage units on the northern or eastern walls of kitchen.

What should be Your Kitchen’s Color Scheme?

1. Green: May it be the hue of apple skins or banana leaves, green is the color of abundance, prosperity and positivity Vaastu highly recommends this color for kitchens. East facing kitchens or kitchens with eastward openings will do especially well in choosing shades of Green.

2. Yellow: Being the color favored by goddess Lakshmi, yellow is another excellent color option for modern kitchens. Yellow paint or laminates in the kitchen leads to prosperity and good health.

3. Orange: The color that stands for health and vitality, orange laminates can add vibrancy and positivity to the kitchen space.

4. Other Color Options: Among the array of other colors red, rose and chocolate colored laminates are also congenial to the kitchen.

5. Colors to Steer Clear of: As per Vaastu black, blue and indigo are incompatible with kitchens.

When the energies exuded by natural elements work in synergy inside the kitchen, VaastuShastra of your entire home thrives with positive lub dubs.

4 Things an NRI Should Know Before Investing in Real Estate in India

4 Things an NRI Should Know Before Investing in Real Estate in India

You may have gone out of India, but Mother India will not go out of you. Her pull and power will gravitate you back, and what better landing can you have than acquiring your own piece of real estate?

Yet, buying real estate is a major decision and necessitates expert advice. You need to consider many critical points before you finally close a deal, which this article will highlight.

This will enable you to buy your property with confidence.

1. Know your dream before investing in it

Before you look out to buy a property there are some questions that you need to ask yourself .

  • Is this a pure investment ?
  • Is it a Home for your old age like a retirement home ?
  • Is it a back up in case anything goes wrong at the current location?

Once you have an answer for the above questions you will have an idea that if its for investment you can opt for a plot in an upcoming and well connected location, as it will be easier to sell them with profit.

While buying just for the future sale of the property, you must also consider the time factor for sale of it. How fast you could sell the property would determine the amount of investment.

You would never like to invest for a very lengthy span or on a property that would take time to be sold off.Another smart decision you might consider in this context is to buy more than one property of smaller value, so that it would be easier to exit with handsome profit .

You may also invest in a property for merely personal use and future stay. This requires proper consideration of the apartment if you need—decide if it is to be a 2 BHK or 3 BHK.

An in-depth understanding of this need would help you decide on the monetary factor you are going to engage in the purchase. You should remember that every extra sq. ft. is also an additional cost/investment.

2. Know your preference: Branded or Non Branded?

When you are proposing to invest considerable share of your earnings, then you must be sure that your money gets the best bang for the buck. Paying a little more for a branded property is always a smart choice because they come with assurances of legal clarity, construction quality and all the approvals. Such properties get better rents or in case of plotted developments, easier to resell.

3. Know your Proximity Preferences

Investing in a property normally happens once in a lifetime. So you should be completely aware of all your preferences, before deciding on the location where you wish to settle.

Is it a popular residential area or is close to your friends and family? How well you are familiar with the locations and its prospects?

Are there plans for a metro or shopping mall or an educational institution which will push up the price in future? Investing some time and effort to understand and analyse Government’s plans for the area would do wonders for your ROI.

In case you are considering retirement options, you may choose a location that has all the necessary amenities close by.

4. Know your Budget

Your budget is one of very key determinant of your purchase. What to buy, where to buy and when to buy would be decided by the budget you intend to invest in the purchase. However, if you find a property that is likely to give you a better ROI, you might want to reconsider your budget. Your local contact is the best guide for advising you on this.

Self-Awareness is the Key

The main thing that you must keep in mind above all others is never to get carried away by emotions—real estate is a hardheaded business—all head and no heart.

Informed decisions are the key to safe investments and profits. The hands that indulge in congratulatory handshakes cannot afford to be burnt.

So, take time out to think, research and analyse before you take the leap to your property in India.


Should you buy your dream home now or wait for RERA to be implemented ?

Should you buy your dream home now or wait for RERA to be implemented ?

RERA – or the Real Estate Regulation Act – is finally becoming a reality. Though it is yet to be notified in Karnataka, and plenty of hiccups can be expected in its implementation, it should be kept in mind that RERA is a process, not an event.

Meanwhile, the foremost question in property buyers’ minds is – should they wait until the RERA process is streamlined, or can they go in for home purchase now? This is very fair and valid question.

And to address these questions we had a conversation with Mr. Ramesh Kumar, GM Customer Care & Marketing who shares his perspective on whether one should buy their home now or wait for RERA to be implemented.

Here’s a video which will help you make the right decision . Do not miss watching this.



Vakil Daffodils completed before time! Registrations on full swing!

Vakil Daffodils completed before time! Registrations on full swing!

Real estate market in Bangalore has many horrifying stories of customers complaining. They end up paying EMI and rent both at the same time because of delay in construction.

Where many people are giving up hopes of getting possession of their homes on time ; We are glad that we have kept our commitment yet again.  Our motto has always been customers first and our team has just proved it once more.

We are delighted to announce that the construction of Vakil Daffodils is over before time and we have started with registrations of the property.

Registering the property in ones name is a moment to cherish for every home buyer. We made sure that this special occasion in their life was made memorable so that they could preserve it always.

This time we had Mr. Mohsin Ali Vakil, Chairman of Vakil Housing and Mr. Purushotham Reddy, CFO congratulate the customers for owning a flat at Vakil Daffodils.

We have captured some pictures of these moments to share with you

Mr. Mohsin Ali Vakil (CMD) handing over gifts to Mr. & Mrs Hari Mangal Singh, VDD – A 202

Mr. Purushotham Reddy handing over gifts to Mr & Mrs. Kuruvila. VDD -E 029



Mr. Purushotham Reddy handing over gifts to Mr & Mrs Shubashish. VDD -A 101

The perfect picture of our Happy Customers with Vakil Housing Team














Here’s what our customers had to stay after their registration :

The journey for searching cost effective house have been never so easy. The Vakil team has been fantastic overall approach towards converting our dream into reality. Me and my wife are happy to be the customer of Vakil group. Last but not the least I have found the Vakil group very much ethical in their approach which is difficult to find in today’s real estate.                                                                                                                 

  -Shramik Vats, Vakil Daffodils A-204

This is my first property purchase in India and am greatly impressed by the professionalism and politeness of all Vakil staff. Their enthusiasm was infectious and knowledge of their subject excellent. My wife and I are also reassured that Vakil would take care of all legalities which is a great burden off our mind allowing us to concentrate in planning our move. I for one would certainly recommend Vakil to anyone who is looking to buy properties in Bangalore. Thank you Vakil Constructions.

 -Amit Halder, Vakil Daffodils A-103    

We feel motivated when we receive such feedback,  we will continue to do our best to bring happiness to our customers and make their home buying journey easy.

Vakil Daffodils – Car Parking Allotment

Vakil Daffodils – Car Parking Allotment

We reached another milestone, a very important one!

We completed the construction of Vakil Daffodils before time and soon we will start with the registrations of flats in the name of owners.

Recently in April we did the car parking allotment for all owners of Vakil Daffodils at Vakil Whispering Woods Clubhouse.

We had a lottery system for car parking allotment, where we will put the numbers in a bowl and each customer will come and pick a chit. More than 80+ customers came with their families to pick their Car Parking number.

On behalf of those who ​were not present, two owners Mr. K. Navaneetha Krishnan ​(Flat No.D 023​)​ & Mrs. Shamla Balalji (Flat No.E 129)​ volunteered to draw from the lot​.

Here’s a small video that gives a glimpse of the event.

These little moments become tomorrow’s precious Memories.

Vakil Daffodils are 2 & 3 BHK Apartments, just 10 minutes from E-City.  Enjoy your apartment with Free Furnishing which includes Queen Size Beds , Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets and many more .

Vakil Daffodils has a long list of ready amenities in a 120 Acre Township.