E1513698very other day you might have come across a big splashy advertisement in the newspaper, announcing the launch of a new integrated township somewhere in the city.

If you’ve ignored it, thinking it must be some sort of new marketing spiel by developers, it’s time you changed your outlook, because integrated townships are indeed the way of the future and they’re here to stay!

Let’s take a quick look by going through frequently asked (or thought) questions about this phenomenon.

1. What is the difference between lifestyle enclaves and integrated township? Why should I opt for Integrated township.


The gated community consists blocks of apartments or villas bound together by a gate. This  gives residents privacy as it gives controlled access to non residents. Gated community often referred as lifestyle enclave provides safety by eliminating traffic, as it has restricted access .

Integrated township offers much more than just homes to stay in. These are huge properties with schools, hospitals, supermarkets, offices, Malls all built inside it. They are self sufficient in every possible way. Residents don’t need to leave their premises because all their needs are met inside the township. The reason why you should invest in integrated townships is it gives you affordable and convenient infrastructure for a better lifestyle

2. Is it safe for my family?


Since it is so self-contained, integrated townships are considered to be very safe for families where both spouses are working. Often, at least one spouse might have their office within the township making them extremely accessible to their family in case of any emergency.

During normal times also, knowing that their family is just a walk away, affords a sense of mental peace to the working spouse, helping them focus on their work better.

3. Are Integrated Townships a good investment?


Actually, they’re the best investment opportunity. Investors have the option to invest in residential or commercial property as both are available inside the township. They can even invest in a combination of both. Prices of properties inside a township tend to appreciate faster as builders promote them heavily.

Property prices here also go up much higher than regular investments. Whether it is through rental or sales, investors will definitely benefit from investing their hard earned money in a township.

4. Okay, but is my money safe with such investment?


Absolutely. Since only the biggest developers out there can afford to set up an entire township, it goes without saying that your investment is safe. Big developers have their reputations to consider and they will conduct all due diligence before they start the construction. It’s there for safe to say that your investment will be protected.

Key Takeaway


Integrated townships are the way of the future for most developers. This makes it a huge opportunity for investors because properties inside townships appreciate faster and better. Even if you are looking to buy a property here for your family, it’s a good option because it is safe and lets you enjoy all the amenities you need without having to step out of the township.

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