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Real Estate Ads – Look Beyond the Fluff

Mahesh, a good friend of mine came to me with utter confusion written all over his face one afternoon. He has been looking for a good residential project to invest in and was completely overwhelmed by the number of ads out in the media on homes. Almost everything...

What You Really Pay for When You Buy a Home

Buying a home is a serious decision. While you may be satisfied with the fact that you are paying a monthly EMI towards your home, there are several charges that go into the purchase of your home that may not be clearly discernible in the beginning.   These may...

No EMI till possession – is it worth the risk

Pramodh and Meera, currently in a rental home, are on the lookout for a good property to invest in. Like any other young couple starting out and planning a family, they have had to cut a few corners to make the initial down payment. While hunting for homes, they came...

Channel Partners for your Premium Home Purchase

Aayush Prabhu recently made it to the big leagues as far as his job was concerned. After a reasonable amount of time in this new position, Aayush was now ready to invest in a premium property and make another one of his dreams come true. However, finding the right...

Searching for your Dream Home Virtually

Buying a home is not an easy task today. You have to narrow down on a location, neighbourhood, find a home that matches your budgets, your personal requirements and which has promising appreciation. Those looking for a home will tell you of the hours spent on research...

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