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Vastu for Investors – Here’s Why It’s Important.

As a property investor, your primary concern is to make money from your investment. It could either be in the form of regular cash flow or property appreciation. In either case, you must know that Vastu is an important element to consider. Whether you subscribe to...

7 Ways Real Estate Will Benefit From Demonetization

Life changed irrevocably for millions of Indians on the evening of November 8th with the announcement of demonetization by the Prime Minister. While we are still coming to terms with the long term repercussions of this move, one of the areas that will see medium to...

A 10 Point Checklist before you go for Registration.

Registration of your home is probably one of the biggest personal events in your life, after marriage and the birth of your children probably. The registration process ties up everything and it’s one of the most crucial aspects of buying a home. Naturally, people tend...

5 Options To Ease The Pain of Funding Your Down Payment

If you have been filing away the plan to purchase your dream home for ‘later’ or when you are ‘more settled’, stop and reconsider right now. The real estate scenario today is indeed a buyer’s market and you would gain tremendously from investing in it, particularly if...

Beginning of a New Project: Vakil Magnolia!

We have completed more than 13+ projects in Bangalore, but every time we launch the new project we have the same excitement and the same motivation to spread smiles in our customer’s life! Vakil Magnolia is the 6th Apartment Block in Vakil Whispering Woods. Our team...

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